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Artificial Intelligence

Executives are using AI across their businesses to unlock new opportunities and increase productivity. With AI, completely new outcomes are possible.

Our unique approach to AI empowers every single person and every single process. Our experts work with you to invest in the right solutions to help you achieve your business objectives faster. And we facilitate cultural changes to help your workforce use data and AI to deliver continuous innovation and growth.


Today, blockchain is a focus for organizations. As blockchain implementations grow, it’s more critical than ever for companies to adopt them to get the most value from the technology. Syed & Associates (SNA) helps clients explore every aspect of blockchain and build solutions designed to deliver value. Count on us to achieve their varying blockchain aspirations.


Unmanaged cyber risks can compromise your organization’s mission and erode your enterprise’s value. Our solutions enable our clients to establish cyber-secure operations to protect critical data and services.

Data Analytics

An organization can be more descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive with analytics, but only if there’s a clear link between what analytics can do and what the business is aiming to achieve. SNA helps organization use analytics to help deliver deeper insights to enable more effective decision making.

Robotic Process Automation

We believe people are at their best when they are engaging their peers and building innovative solutions. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology allows organizations to make the most out of their employees by reducing the time they spend on repetitive tasks. With RPA, SNA enables people to do what they do best: think and collaborate, while they let automation do the work for you.

Workflow Automation

Lack of transparency and margins of human error can make a business vulnerable. By automating workflows, companies can reduce repetitive tasks, increase efficiency and empower employees to focus on high-value items. SNA helps you do more with less. We’ll assist you in having consistent and standardized workflows. This allows flexible workflow styles to make your processes run seamlessly.

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