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We help organizations shift from focusing on what happened to focus on insights into the future. Syed and Associates (SNA) consults clients on predictive analytics to help leverage data, identify trends, forecast what might happen next, as well as providing insight into how to achieve organizational goals.

Diversity & Inclusion

Business thrives on diversity. Inclusion can leverage the benefits of our differences and not become divided by them. Organizations today understand and meet the needs of their workforces when they reflect this full diversity. To this end, SNA partners with clients to advance the goals of inclusive diversity in a smarter and measurably effective way.

Employee Engagement

The world continues to evolve and change. With these changes, it is important to keep an eye on employee engagement. SNA uses a root-cause methodology to help clients identify specific areas of opportunity and then develops specific action improvement plans that result in measurable changes.

Maximizing employee performance is significant. SNA helps organizations create better employee experiences to help boost productivity in innovative ways that contribute to improved performance.

Learning Strategy and Training Development

SNA has experience in developing training programs. Our expertise includes reviewing clients’ current training curricula, making recommendations for the overall process, and developing and delivering new courses.

We are also a training design and implementation provider. Our facilitators and training consultants are not only skilled in training and adult-learning best practices, tools, and solutions but also bring business knowledge essential to your success.

Additionally, we’ve created blended and eLearning courses.

Organizational Assessment and Design

SNA assesses an organizations’ capability to identify gaps and opportunities, develop customized solutions, and drive operational efficiency. We follow a tailored approach to assessing the staffing, workforce culture, morale, or others using surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

Transformation and Change Management

We help organizations prepare, manage and reinforce their framework needed to evolve. SNA helps organizations systematically approach changes to effectively accept and adapt in real-time.

Workforce Planning and Succession Planning

SNA understands you need to have the right people in the right place at the right time. We integrate your talent management frameworks, identifying drivers, and forecasting requirements, while building and sustaining the workforce. We take the following measures:

  • translate strategy
  • identify critical occupations and talent gaps
  • analyze trends
  • assess workloads
  • identify critical positions

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