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Best Practice Analysis

Every business has goals, both short and long-term that help determine the most efficient course of action to improve the best business practices in their operations. In that venture, Syed and Associates (SNA) sees a strong correlation between using the best business practices consistently and the ability to operate at lower cost while delivering greater value. With that knowledge, engaging the management and the workforce in innovating cultural cohesiveness is vital. For successful best-practice implementation, we understand and assess each function’s contribution to business value relative to its cost of delivering services. The result of the assessment can be utilized as a comprehensive comparison of your performance relative to your target market.

Business Process Re-engineering and Controls

Operational effectiveness stems from efficient processes as they assist organizations in preparing and responding to market shifts.

SNA’s process improvement and implementation services utilize an extensive system that evaluates process efficacy and the organization’s readiness for change and focuses on aligning business strategies. We collaborate with you in measuring your process performance and assessing the maturity levels of your operational areas. We use performance baselining, process analysis, and management interviews, and working sessions in identifying root-cause issues, assessing key opportunities, and making recommendations for each operational area.

SNA’s process improvement services can help your organization achieve greater operating efficiencies and improve margins. You can count on us to assist you with the radical changes as your business continues to grow.

Policy Development

SNA collaborates with our clients to develop, draft, and prepare policies. Some of the benefits of formalizing policies include:

  • Helping staff make decisions efficiently
  • Providing instruction on how to do tasks
  • Reducing bias in decision-making
  • Protecting staff
  • Helping the staff initiate actions and take responsibility without
  • Increase your organizations’ and staff’s accountability

Workflow Analysis

Small improvements in a process’s efficiency can save a great deal of money. SNA can improve workflows that allow your team to use resources more efficiently, especially for processes where a team must hand off its work to another team. Workflow analysis identifies areas of process improvement such as redundant tasks or processes, inefficient workplace layouts, and bottlenecks.

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