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Audit Readiness and Remediation

Audit readiness requires that we synchronize several moving parts. Syed and Associates (SNA) ensures you stay prepared with expert advice on applications, including information systems, business processes, controls, logistics, and documentation. We can provide a quality leadership support that helps your organization achieve and sustain financial growth confidently.

Improper Payment Reviews Financial Management

SNA considers any payment to the wrong provider, for the wrong services or in the wrong amount an improper payment. This includes overpayments and underpayments. We recognize the importance of maintaining adequate internal controls to ensure proper payments, and our clients’ commitment to continuous improvement in the overall disbursement management process. One of the most effective tools is the establishment of an integrated internal controls program, which enables organizations to adopt a more streamlined, consistent and reliable process that eliminates duplicative efforts and wasted resources. SNA’s methodology for an effective improper payment compliance and control program includes developing and implementing a plan that incorporates the following elements:

  • Assess the risk
  • Identify and report on the improper payment program and results
  • Remediate through continuous improvement
  • Continuous monitoring

SOX Internal Control Compliance

SOX establishes strict requirements regarding corporate governance and internal controls to financial reporting for US-listed companies. In particular, it includes the requirements for the documentation and annual assessment of the internal control system.

Our experts can help you with SOX compliance at all stages, including:

  • Monitoring process and procedures
  • Training for the company’s employees
  • Preparation of recommendations for improvement
  • Preparation of documentation

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