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Budget Management

Throughout the portfolio management lifecycle, Syed & Associates (SNA) develops and monitors the cost of the program and budget execution status to maintain current and realistic budgets.

Quality Management

Quality management is vital for excellence. Partner with us to determine good policies, implement quality planning, quality control, and other improvements. We focus on long-term goals through the implementation of activities or programs.

Risk Management

SNA provides specialized risk management services for your mission-critical programs and projects. We work with you in determining any changes in the operation, systems, and processes that pose a potential risk to your business. We coordinate with your team in establishing risk awareness and setting appropriate risk tolerance levels. At the same time, we put systems in place to proactively mitigate risks and penalties as much as possible. In doing so, we expect your employees to respond quickly and effectively within appropriate risk management guidelines.

Schedule Management

SNA recognizes the importance of elevating productivity in ensuring the success of business programs and projects. We introduce guidelines and strategies to efficiently plan and develop your project cycle and increase your production rate. We utilize an integrated master schedule to incorporate task completion status, activity dependencies, valid forecast dates, and an executable critical path.

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